Such herbs are called “adaptogens”. The following article provides information on its side effects. A species of the mint family, the horehound herb is endemic to Europe, but can now be found throughout North and South America. So to maximize and increase mental capacity, you can surely depend on a cup of green tea. This prevents a person from eating too many sugary foods. Some common medicinal herbs that you will come across in everyday life are mentioned below. Brush your teeth twice daily and properly clean your tongue. Its regular consumption strengthens the immune system, and reduces the bouts of infection. If there is stress or depression, tension or anxiety due to flu or asthma or constant cold, ginger can be used, as it offers great relief from all types of stress. Along with water, hot tea with ginger/lemon and honey soothes the throat and may also help thin down the mucus. These include use of ice packs or warm compresses, massage, etc.

Agarwood essential oil is easy to use, but buying it is certainly not that easy as it is quite expensive. bold tea is considered effective in flushing out gallstones. Several herbs consist of powerful ingredients, which are nothing but chemical compounds occurring in nature, which can be harnessed to correct a lot of physiological imbalances that lead to health complications. Some people take alfalfa tablets for the smooth functioning of the liver and for preventing gallstones.

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